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BBC News - Health

Sniffing body odour is tested as an anxiety therapy

Researchers say it may help trigger calming brain pathways and are putting their theory to... Read More
26th Mar 2023, 2:46am

Long Covid: Three years and no magic bullet

BBC Scotland's Lucy Adams still suffers from the effects of long Covid and wants to... Read More
26th Mar 2023, 2:18am

Record revenue for staff agencies supplying NHS

Companies thrive as the health service struggles with staffing gaps and increased patient demand.... Read More
24th Mar 2023, 5:00pm

Four-day junior doctor strike set for April

The British Medical Association announces next walkout in fight to get 35% pay rise in... Read More
23rd Mar 2023, 1:07pm

Utah is first US state to limit teen social media access

One of the bills will give parents full access to their children's online private messages.... Read More
24th Mar 2023, 4:57am

Polio vaccine catch-up push to launch in London

London primary-school pupils not fully vaccinated against polio are to be offered catch-up jabs after... Read More
23rd Mar 2023, 5:52am

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Registration Authority emergency guidance – temporary extension

We recently announced that the emergency guidance was to end on 31 March 2023.... Read More
24th Mar 2023, 4:15pm

For action: Changes to how referrals to the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service are received

23 March 2023: In a previous version of this message we asked community pharmacies to... Read More
23rd Mar 2023, 12:09pm

For action: Easter bank holiday hours in NHS Profile Manager

Please verify your information on NHS Profile Manager by Friday 31 March. You can... Read More
22nd Mar 2023, 2:39pm

Event: API Management online roadshow

Join us on 23 March at 2.30pm for a non-technical webinar to learn about NHS... Read More
16th Mar 2023, 1:55pm

Additional information for digital leaders - March 2023

The demand for bandwidth from NHS organisations is increasing by around 30% each year. Tailored... Read More
15th Mar 2023, 11:35am

Help improve and develop FHIR UK CORE

The use of FHIR UK CORE is a key interoperability requirement and enables systems... Read More
8th Mar 2023, 11:29am