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Covid: NHS in push to vaccinate the final four million

Hard-to-reach groups – from rough sleepers to fairground workers – are being targeted in a... Read More
21st Jan 2022, 1:53am

Covid-19: 'We'll be second-class citizens if self-isolation rules go'

People with conditions that mean the vaccine does not work fear the removal of self-isolation... Read More
21st Jan 2022, 3:21pm

Public told not to delay cancer check-ups

NHS chiefs are worried pressures on the NHS may deter people coming forward with symptoms.... Read More
20th Jan 2022, 12:05pm

Woman, 88, gets 'bionic eye implant'

A microchip has been implanted into her eye to tackle dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD).... Read More
21st Jan 2022, 6:40am

Covid infections falling across the UK, says ONS

It's the most significant drop since the Omicron wave hit the country in December, the... Read More
19th Jan 2022, 1:52pm

Was South Africa ignored over mild Omicron evidence?

South African scientists say their research was not taken more seriously because it was from... Read More
20th Jan 2022, 12:08am
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