If your are aged 65 years or over or have a medical condition which entitles you to NHS Flu vaccination, please contact your surgery to book an appointment as soon as possible.

Keeping Hydrated - Are you drinking enough fluids?

Staying hydrated and making sure that we, or those we care for, have enough fluids is one of the most important things we can do to improve the health of the over 65s.

Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water is not just about staying refreshed in the warmer summer months, it can help prevent serious illness, falls and even life-threatening infections.

For the elderly it can sometimes be difficult to know if they have had enough to drink. There are a number of reasons for this such as not being able to tell if they are thirsty, whilst medications or underlying health conditions may make it harder to judge. Older people may also have difficulty swallowing or be unable to use a cup or glass as easily as they once did.

There are some practical ways that we can all help make sure those we care for (whether it's in a care home setting or looking after a loved one or a friend at home) are drinking enough fluid.

More information is available here

Integrated Urgent Care

Since April 2017 Urgent Care services in Stockton and Hartlepool have been provided by a variety of organisations including NHS111, H&SH (Hartlepool & Stockton Health) and North Tees and Hartlepool Foundation Trust. Click HERE to view for further information.

Seven day Extended Access - EVENING and WEEKEND APPOINTMENTS

Hartlepool & Stockton Health (H&SH) are now offering access in the evening and on weekends on behalf of this Practice. Appointments are available to see a GP, Nurse or Healthcare Assistant at several surgeries across Stockton and Hartlepool. Please speak to our reception team for further information.

Patients attending appointments at H&SH will be asked if they are happy for NHS staff at the other surgeries to have access to their electronic medical record. Further information about sharing your medical record is available via the link below.

Electronic Record Sharing, patient information leaflet.

Have you registered for Online Access yet?

Over 3,700 of our patients currently benefit from online access which allows them to book and cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view a summary of their medical record 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please take a look at our Online Services page for further information.

Electronic Prescription Services (EPS)

Since we introduced access to the Electronic Prescription Service in September 2014 almost 9,000 of our patients have nominated their preferred pharmacy and are benefitting from the service as they no longer have to visit the surgery to pick up a paper prescription. Instead, their GP sends it to the place they choose, saving them time. Patients also have more choice about where they get their medication from because it can be collected from a pharmacy near where they live, work or shop.

More information about EPS, including answers to frequently asked questions is available by clicking on the following link Electronic Prescription Service, or speak to your local pharmacy.

Would you like to join our Patient Participation Group?

As a member of our 'virtual' Patient Participation Group you can suggest and comment upon other areas that you feel may be important for future surveys, the group is open to all patients registered with TBMG. To join the group, simply ask at reception for an application form , complete your details and hand it back to the receptionist. Have your say ....... join up today!!